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The Image Recovery Centers is seeking a full-time Certified Mastectomy and Compression Fitter.  Our patients expect the full package when they come into our Centers for post breast surgery care.  The ideal candidate can make patient assessments, formulate a treatment plan, implement a treatment plan, and follow up accordingly.  We expect expertise in the provision of breast prosthesis, post mastectomy services, and measuring precision to ensure a perfect fit for prosthesis, prosthesis garments, and lymphedema garments.


Your day might include:

· Consulting with patients on their treatments and related products

· Measuring and fitting patients with care and professionalism

· Educating patients on the side effects of their treatments and surgery

· Maintaining excellent patient records and forms

· Following up with patients on their well-being and visits

· Expertly document and update patient charts

· Evaluating Prosthesis for fit, functionality, and quality

· Marketing and building report with referring physicians, support groups, and nurses

· Attending support groups and events to help educate patients in need

· Maintain the mastectomy inventory

· Commitment to the patient and to the duties that you are assigned


Professional Expectations
This position works directly with patients who are compromised and require a special type of person who can be sensitive to their needs, sympathetic to their emotions, and enjoys making people feel better about themselves.  Because we focus on image related issues this position requires a clean, neat, and attractive appearance. There are many hair and appearance limitations that will coincide with the ideal candidate to promote a healthy center environment.


You will need:

· Breast Fitter Certification

· Minimum of 3 years’ fitter experience

· A meticulous attention to detail

· Familiarity with medical insurance eligibility and coverage.

· Skill working with patients and families under stress.

· A caring and professional demeanor

· Must be proficient in with Microsoft Office Outlook, Excel Word, and other computer functions

· Proficiency with office equipment including scanner, copier and fax required

· Professional, team player that maintains a positive and hardworking attitude


Email your resume to Marianne Kelly to apply today!