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For two decades, we have been helping leaders at major cancer centers and healthcare facilities around the United States establish and operate onsite Image Recovery Centers®. Our proven, systematic approach makes it easy to open an appearance-enhancement center designed to expand each cancer patient’s “support” experience by complementing your hospital’s existing oncology services. 

In addition, operating an onsite center will allow you to deliver survivorship care across the cancer continuum, from screening and prevention to treatment to palliative care, in one single location. 

We offer:

  • A profitable business model, with access to tools and strategies, such as funding forecasts, pre- and post-implementation reviews, and cash flow analyses
  • Flexible turnkey implementation, which includes operational protocols, manuals, product formulary, facility planning review, etc.
  • Marketing planning and implementation strategies
  • Developmental assistance to obtain financial requirements
  • Staff selection and training best practices
  • And more                                                                        

Our pioneering hospital-based concept, which has been implemented in more than 20 centers around the country since 1993, has received a federal trademark for its licensing agreements and has been instrumental in treating more than 100,000 cancer survivors nationwide.

Let us help you get started today: 

  • Schedule a meeting with one of our experts
  • Find out how our licensing agreement works
  • Conduct an initial feasibility study to see if an Image Recovery Center® is right for you

Contact us today for more information or to take the next steps.