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Cancer therapies and illness often change the condition, texture, tone and color of your skin and may cause you to appear ill, expressionless, dull, and aged. Due to these changes, you may experience poor results from your current skincare products.  Patients often feel uncertain about the best way to resolve these unwanted changes.

We highly recommend that an experienced professional at the Image Recovery Centers® assist you.  We will match your skin tone with foundation and concealer to help cover dark circles and revive your color.  We also will Provide tips on how to address any changes like the loss of brows and lashes that may occur during treatment as well as address any lingering side-effects beyond treatment. Cosmetics older than three months may accumulate bacteria and put those with compromised immunity at risk of infection. Replacing products when beginning cancer therapies is highly recommended, and always remember not to share your cosmetics products with anyone.

Now is a good time to pay closer attention to the unsafe ingredients in many cosmetics and to make healthy choices. Our pelle sana Naturals is one of the purest mineral makeups on the planet. It is Mica-Free, Titanium Dioxide-Free, Bismuth-Free, Talc-Free, and of course Crude-Free. Visit our cosmetic counter at one of our Centers to find the correct makeup for you. It is often said that, while undergoing cancer treatment, one feels as if they don't recognize themselves when they look in the mirror. We say that, with the help of our trained professionals, you can have cancer, be in control, regain confidence, and look beautiful.

Makeup can change the way you feel about yourself and the way people treat you.