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1. When is the right time to get fitted for my prosthesis and clothing?

When your incision has healed, usually four to six weeks following surgery, your physician will give you a prescription for a prosthesis or enhancer, and bras, which you will bring to the Image Recovery Center at the time of your fitting. You should not plan to be fitted until your surgical site has healed. The time may vary for each survivor.

2. Are there important questions I should be asking during my fitting?

  • How do I clean my prosthesis?
  • Can I get it wet?
  • How long will it take to dry?  
  • Do perspiration or pool chemicals damage the prosthesis? 
  • What is the return policy? 
  • How long should the prosthesis last? 
  • How much will my insurance provider pay toward the cost? 
  • Does my insurance provider pay for mastectomy bras? 
  • How often will my insurance pay to replace my prosthesis? 
  • How often will my insurance provider pay for replacement bras?
  • Can I wear my regular bras with my selected prosthesis? 
  • Do you bill the provider for the cost or do I pay my bill to the providers?

3. What types of clothes should I wear for the day of my fitting?

When you come in for your fitting, bring or wear a close fitting garment so that you can see what your body looks like with the prosthesis. You’re your natural breast, a prosthesis vary in weight, and the consistency varies from soft to relatively firm.  Some are also designed from left and right. Breast forms are designed to fit into special pockets inside the mastectomy bra. 

4. Who does my fitting?

Our certified and licensed fitter will do your fitting.

5.  How long does the fitting take?

A fitting usually takes about an hour; however give yourself enough time to feel comfortable choosing the prosthesis that is correct for you.

6. What are the costs associated with prosthesis?

The cost of prosthesis ranges from $300 and up to around $450 for a silicone weighted prosthesis.  The bras range from $42 and up.

7. How often does my insurance cover new prosthesis?

A professionally trained and certified fitter will assist you in finding out what your insurance company or Medicare will cover on your prosthesis and bras. The Image Recovery Centers® is a participating provider accepting assignments for most major insurance carriers.

8. Can I swim with my prosthesis?

The Image Recovery Centers® have swimwear options for you to choose from, so you are able to take part in swimming activities.