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Knowledge is Powerful

An old proverb states that a wise person is strong, and a person with knowledge is even more powerful. That is certainly true when it comes to fighting cancer.

Your physicians and healthcare providers are specially trained to use an arsenal of advanced treatments, from medicines to surgery, to combat your disease and prevent it from spreading. And, if you arm yourself with the right information, you and your medical providers can form a very knowledgeable and powerful cancer-fighting team.

At our Image Recovery Centers®, we believe the same approach can have a powerful effect on the appearance-related side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Our mission is to provide specialized products, services, and support to people whose appearance and self-esteem are affected by cancer and cancer treatment. This section of our “virtual” Image Recovery Centers® site offers a wealth of educational resources and advice designed to help patients; family members and caregivers manage the journey to self-image recovery and wellness.

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